What unique Taurus personality do you have?

What unique Taurus personality do you have?

We all know there's a lot more to Taurus than the usual character traits like strength, dependability, and practicality. We are a very special Zodiac sign, and each Taurus shines in a unique way. So, what type of Taurus are you of these?

Sexy Taurus: You are romantic, have a lot of admirers (and you love a lot yourself!), pursue beauty, and can't resist indulgences like your favorite foods and creature comforts.
Helper Taurus: You're the best friend any other sign could ask for. You're always willing to help others out and you're the person others come to when they need assistance.
Artistic Taurus: Your creativity stands out and helps you achieve things no one thought possible. Your out-of-the-box thinking is magnetic, and you beautify the world.
Leader Taurus: Your take-charge demeanor puts you in a position of authority. You're simply the best person to get work done, in your way. You command respect.
Rebel Taurus: Some don't believe that you even are a Taurus. You don't fit the traditional sign traits, but you just express your sensual, smart nature in eccentric ways.

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