Why Capricorn is the most successful sign...

Why Capricorn is the most successful sign...

Wondering what is it that makes you so good at what you do? Look for your birthday in the following decans (ranges of time within a sign period) for a more precise assessment of YOU!

First Decan (Dec. 22 - Dec. 31): You are extremely responsible and the influence of Saturn is especially strong. You have trouble handing over duties to others (you like to make sure everything is done just right) and you're detail-oriented and organized. You're assertive and make sure you get what you want, but in a tactful way... you can read others to know how to win them over.

Second Decan (Jan. 1 - Jan. 10): Fairness is extremely important to you. Venus mellows out the Saturn in your chart, making you a little more light-hearted and laid-back than Capricorns of the first deacon. You are quite charming and sensory orientated. Those closest to you are a top priority... your love for them may overrule your own wants.

Third Decan (Jan. 11 - Jan. 19): Integrity is a must for you. Mercury combines with Saturn to amp your intellect and discipline. However, you're adaptable and can go with the flow. You won't break a promise and you like to dream big. You care a lot about wealth and strive to make material achievements.

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