Overcoming Scorpio's bad reputation...

Overcoming Scorpio's bad reputation...

Let's face it, Scorpio, your sign has a pretty bad reputation. Founded or unfounded, it's a fact that there are a considerable amount of complaints about... omg specifically Scorpio males.

Just like any other sign, you have stages of evolution that could be dictating your actions:

Stage one: You are like the Scorpion animal, an immature being that exercises its power through emotion and instinct with the potential for self-destruction.

Stage two: You are the successful Eagle that exercises its power through intellect and has been able to fly over everything, turning the complications into possibilities.

Stage three: You are the resurrected Phoenix that exercises power through love, healing, and transformation. Extremely powerful, detached, and wise, a true inspiration to others.

A Scorpio usually goes through all these stages in a lifetime in no particular order. Which stage are you in, Scorpio?!

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