Keri Russell embodies unique Taurus beauty

Keri Russell embodies unique Taurus beauty

Keri Russell is a charming juxtaposition of earthy and sexy, a comfort-loving Bull who's a coffee and beer snob, a cosmetics model most comfortable wearing jeans and scuffed boots.

She's a Westerner living in Brooklyn, a former Mouseketeer (with Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake, among other notables) and star of Felicity now playing a ruthless Reagan-era K.G.B. double agent on FX's The Americans.

And she's a bike-riding, candy-making mother of two delving into a make-believe world of sex and violence at her job (and who harbors a secret desire for a "fierce" forearm tattoo). But true to her Taurus nature, she's as grounded, self-effacing, and cheerful as they come!

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