Cosmic teacher Saturn pays you a visit…

Cosmic teacher Saturn pays you a visit…

Saturn, the cosmic teacher, is now in your sign for what will be a two year visit. As the taskmaster of the Zodiac, Saturn doesn't mess around and commands us to get to work, in the most disciplined and responsible way we can make for ourselves.

Until December 20 of 2017, this heavy planet will be teaching you lessons in order to find a (now) attainable goal and will put you on a mission to create a life of stability, and eventually, calm. This sounds hard, doesn't it? But as a Sagittarius, you are more than up for the task!

In hard moments, never forget you are in a never ending quest to find the truth. Look at this as a long trip towards knowledge. You are the philosopher of the Zodiac, and you high intellect will guide you through this, at times, bumpy ride.

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