Leos need to wear this more often…

Leos need to wear this more often…

As a Lioness, you always want to be noticed when entering a stage, and you do it with pride and joy. But, are you fully expressing your charm? If you have the following attributes and are not showing them, you should, Leo!

If you have big, curly, or long hair, don't straighten it or tie in a ponytail. Let your crazy mane come out and play more often than not!

One of your charismatic marks is your muscularity. If you are not wearing enough miniskirts or skirts to show your amazing legs, you need to get to work and go shopping, sexy Leo!

As the Queen of the Jungle, you wear gold better than any other sign regardless of your skin tone and body shape. After all, you are the most regal of all signs.

Ready to roar? Oh yes, you are!

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