Libra, you always know the right thing to say!

Libra, you always know the right thing to say!

Libra strives for balance in all things, including their social interactions. Politeness is key, so you prefer to always keep things tactful. Even if someone gets on your nerves, you'd rather kill them with kindness than ever let on that they're making you sweat.

You take your time studying every angle of a situation because for you, the most important thing is to avoid confrontation. You are smart enough to know that winning a battle doesn't mean winning a war, and have a great deal of patience and charm to find a middle ground in order to keep everyone happy.

Because of this incredible talent, you're a skilled negotiator, and an even better spokesperson for any company or organization. If you need to mediate disputes, you're all over it, and if they ever figure out how creative you are, they may never let you go. Using this to your advantage helps you successfully negotiate regular raises and promotions!

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