Capricorn celebs who just can't seem to make love last...

Capricorn celebs who just can't seem to make love last...

Capricorns are supposed to like routine and stability, but these stars' love lives seem to suggest just the opposite!

Diane Keaton - Although she's never been married, she has been in relationships with lots of prominent men, and has children. Her partners, many of whom she's remained friends with, range from Woody Allen to Warren Beatty to Al Pacino. She doesn't feel the pressure to wed and says, "That old maid myth is garbage."
January Jones - She has a son but refuses to say who his father is. Chances are, it's not any of her many famed romantic match-ups (some only rumored to be true): Adrien Brody, Ashton Kutcher, Nick Stahl, Jim Carrey, Brandon Davis, Seann William Scott, Josh Groban, Jeremy Piven, and Jason Sudeikis (among others). Known to be a bit of a diva, who knows if she will ever find "The One."
Jason Segel - OK, so maybe he's just typecast as the loveable loser in love, but he has yet to settle down, even after dating beauties including Michelle Williams (her first serious, public relationship since the breakup with late actor and her daughter's father Heath Ledger) and Linda Cardellini.

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