Fame and fortune made these Cappies act out big time!

Fame and fortune made these Cappies act out big time!

Who says Capricorns are always reserved and hard working? These famous Goats really pushed out of that stereotype, proving Capricorns are just as likely to veer off course if put under the wrong circumstances!

Nicolas Cage - How did one of Hollywood's highest paid actors almost go broke? Ask Mr. Cage. Buy a bunch of houses, islands, cars, jewelry, art work, even a toy dinosaur and a castle! Then don't pay your taxes. That is how it (should not be) done.
Kate Moss - Her modeling career seemed over after photos surfaced of her alleged drug use, but she bounced back and she's still a hugely successful model, despite still-questionable behavior.
Mel Gibson - Restraining orders, arrests, domestic violence accusations... None of us can forget his rant at a police officer when he got pulled over... not surprisingly, the self-professed owner of Malibu's career took a hit.

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