Capricorns myths, debunked!

Capricorns myths, debunked!

No sign has a cookie-cutter, generalized personality, and you are certainly one special Capricorn! Let's take a look at the most common negative stereotypes about Sea Goats...

- Capricorns are stubborn. Sure, they can be... but that's because they are so wise. They are also willing to accept when they are wrong because they want to move forward and progress.
- Capricorns are cold-hearted. Definitely untrue. They are just not quick to trust and open up their hearts. It takes special people for them to show their very big loving, soft, sensual side. Once you win a Capricorn's trust, their compassion is boundless!
- Capricorns are cheapskates. They are frugal, no doubt. But unlike *cough* some other more irresponsible and impulsive signs, they buy smart. It's quality over quantity, and Capricorns also value experiences and other things that money can't buy.
- Capricorns aren't fun. Yeah, right! Capricorns may be parental, but they are so because they can see life through childlike eyes. No one plays harder than a Goat - when the time and situation are right!

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