Five reasons why Joaquin is the coolest Scorpio...

Five reasons why Joaquin is the coolest Scorpio...

Staying true to one's self is difficult in Hollywood. Everyone seems to be up for grabs and have a price. But Joaquin Phoenix always stays true to himself, and that makes him the coolest and most awesome Scorpio out there.

• Joaquin doesn't waste any time, when he's not acting, he's playing music, getting artistic, directing a music video, producing a movie, or defending a good cause.
• He doesn't care about shallow people, awards, and events. He has publicly made fun of the media obsession with celebrities.
• He prefers to take a karate class with his girlfriend instead of attending the Oscar's ceremony.
• He can be really scary but also really cute. Sure you hated him in Gladiator, but you also loved him in Her.
• He can get really edgy in his public stunts. From growing a "cast away" beard, to announcing his fake acting retirement, to acting mentally insane on TV, there's no doubt Joaquin always keep us on our toes!

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