This is what makes Emma Stone so incredibly cute...

This is what makes Emma Stone so incredibly cute...

Everybody seems to be quite obsessed with Scorpio actress Emma Stone. Her acting career has not only been rising, but her fashion aesthetic constantly gets her good press in every single fashion and beauty blog.

What's her secret? Emma is not the typical in-your-face bombshell, she's rather the sweet and flawless type. But, one thing we can say when we analyze her style moves is that she is definitely daring.

Emma transitioned from simple black cocktail dresses and flocks to more directional and risk-taking outfits. Bold (but nicely done) hairstyle color themes combined with edgy eye-liners and lip color styles have made

Emma is the ultimate red-carpet beauty trailblazer. There is no doubt Stone has flourished and bloomed into the beautiful Scorpio woman she is and we can expect and want to see more of her.

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