If you were a celebrity, you would be dating...

If you were a celebrity, you would be dating...

We all have had that thought in our minds. Even people who say being a celebrity doesn't sound like that much fun want to be a celebrity, trust us!

So, let's pretend you are a celebrity! Of course, your first question would be: "Who am I dating?"

If you were hanging out with la crème de la crème, you would definitely be compatible with one of these hotties:

Cancer Prince William Windsor - If he only wasn't taken already.
Leo DiCaprio - He's also a Scorpio, might be a bit explosive but sure it will be fun! But hey, you better be a model.
Pisces Adam Levine - Anything for that body, right?!
Cancer Sofia Vergara - Going Latin is always fun!
Pisces Rihanna - Omg... only if you have some issues, she likes bad boys after all.
Capricorn Bradley Cooper - He's supposed to be kind of a player, but who cares; no one said you needed to marry him...

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