"Failure is the condiment that...">

Wise words from famous Libras...

Wise words from famous Libras...

"Only idiots refuse to change their minds." - Brigitte Bardot

"Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor." - Truman Capote

"I see science literacy as a kind of a vaccine against charlatans who would try to exploit your ignorance." - Neil deGrasse Tyson

"It is not wise to violate rules until you know how to observe them." - T.S. Eliot

"The most important thing in life is, if you have a dream, I mean a real good dream, follow it." - Evel Knievel

"The mark of a great sportsman is not how good they are at their best but how good they are at their worst." - Martina Navratilova

"One should always be a little improbable." - Oscar Wilde

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