Angelina Jolie demands respect - and for good reason!

Posted by Tamas Hyde
Angelina Jolie demands respect - and for good reason!

Angelina Jolie kicks butt onscreen as Lara Croft, Mrs. Smith, and Evelyn Salt. She's a director, screenwriter, author, and winner of multiple awards. She's been voted "most beautiful woman," and one of Hollywood's highest paid actresses. All of which only serve to fuel the causes that are closest to her heart.

While she's a serious artist, half of "Brangelina," and mother of six, she has earned worldwide respect as a humanitarian activist, working with refugees as a Goodwill Ambassador and, more recently, as Special Envoy for the UN.

She's built schools and health centers in Cambodia, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Afghanistan. Calling her journey "a remarkable education," this Gemini doesn't look like she'll be quitting any time soon!

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