Aquarians who smolder with sexy facial scruff...

Aquarians who smolder with sexy facial scruff...

Men's facial hair has come full circle in the past few years, from clean shaven to full-on woolly. Which do Aquarians prefer?

Soft-as-a-baby's bum (Jon Hamm on Mad Men? Dreamy!)

Sexy, bad-boy stubble (If it's on Ewan McGregor or Bradley Cooper? OK!)

Sideburns (Careful you don't trip into Austin Powers territory!)

Salt and pepper beard (On George Clooney? Yes, please.)

Five o'clock shadow (Remember Jack Nicholson in The Shining? He's ba-a-a-ck!)

Goatee (Maybe when Hugh Jackman or Channing Tatum wears it.)

Mustache (James Franco or Burt Reynolds?)

Short circle beard (On Leonardo DiCaprio? Yes!)

"Woodsman" beard (Full-on Duck Dynasty? Creepy!)

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