How to flirt your way into getting what you want...

How to flirt your way into getting what you want...

Your sign has some of the best flirting techniques. For you, it's easy to seduce basically everyone with that irresistible smile. A master at teasing people with your charm and attractiveness, sometimes, you are not even flirting, all you are doing is being nice to those around you.

You have a good sense of style and are concerned with how things look, so you spend lots of time on your appearance, and enjoy the company of others who do the same. Parties, gatherings, art openings - these are your favorite places to see and be seen.

Because you love to be in love and be admired, you also love to flirt. It doesn't matter if it leads anywhere. A little wink, a nod, or even a casual touch makes you feel desired - and desirable. Though it may drive your partner mad at times, you can't help that you're attractive!

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