Hitting that dating point in the love game, Scorpio?

Hitting that dating point in the love game, Scorpio?

All you've done is look for that special someone who is not afraid of being with someone as emotional and intense as you. Someone who's waters run as deep as yours, someone to trust, love, and confide in.

You know that person is out there somewhere, you can feel it. But... has this quest turned you into a serial dater? Ouch, this term just sounds bad, right?

The truth is, the line could get really thin when it comes to looking for the one, and end up just dating a ton of people in the process. So how do you know you have crossed it?

Fortunately, if you have learned to listen to your gut, you probably know how to avoid falling in the game of going on dates with anyone who asks you, or just because you want to see what happens.

But hey, no one is here to judge you, Scorpio, and maybe you are not looking for a serious commitment and you really are just focusing on doing what you do best, which is to exude that shimmery sensuality to everyone that can handle your powerful allure.

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