It's hard to say no, but Libra can and should...

It's hard to say no, but Libra can and should...

As the sign that rules partnerships, relating to others in harmony is extremely important to you. Whether a current situation involves marriage, friendship or work, you are a true team player, and a loyal friend and lover.

You want to be appreciated, and to that end you might try too hard to please your mate, friends, or boss - even strangers. But because you have learned to grow a slightly firmer attitude, you can put those famous people skills to work and politely refuse the extra assignment or refrain from offering to help a pal into the wee hours.

You can do it with a smile on your face because that's just the way you are. You're a great employee and friend - bright, competent, tactful, charming and enthusiastic. With all your experience, you have learned to stand up for yourself a bit more, because you know that the world won't come to an end!

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