Libras help to make sure everyone has a chance!

Libras help to make sure everyone has a chance!

As an Air Sign, you're brainy and strive to reach a higher mind. That's a given. But something others might not know about you is that you will fight tooth and nail for those less fortunate. That's your sense of justice coming out in all its glory.

With a keen intellect and a great deal of patience, you study every side of a situation Since you're also a primo strategist with an amazing sense of diplomacy, you can vanquish your opponents before they know what hit them.

You also make sure you don't focus all that energy and brainpower on others at the expense of looking out for number one. Libra is one of the signs that needs independence, and you are aware that doing the latest could relinquish a bit of it, and you do no want that!

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