Is it love or just lust? This is how Scorpio will know...

Is it love or just lust? This is how Scorpio will know...

So you just met someone, and there's definitely something there, attraction - lots of it. But, could there be something bigger or more meaningful? It's always hard to tell in the beginning, but if he or she is doing one of the following, you know you're better off moving on!

If the current object of your attraction is always taking the initiative to meet up, that's probably a no-no. You want to be in control, at least a good half of the time.

If the exact opposite is happening, they seem interested but too detached or aloof, that's another red flag. Their playing-hard-to-get strategy might be alluring to you, but once you have them, there might not be enough juice for the real thing.

Is he or she a "free spirit"? They might sound, look, and act cool, but chances are they are not for you. These folks are usually the un-emotional, anti-commitment type. And you know you need someone who's going to melt with you in spirit, body, and soul.

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