Libras are so sweet others get weak in the knees!

Libras are so sweet others get weak in the knees!

Sometimes, Libra can be a little indecisive. As they strive for balance, they may spend time teetering and tottering back and forth. But when you meet someone you're attracted to, and eventually fall in love with, there is no doubt.

Finding the right partner is very important for you, as it is to maintain peace and harmony with you mate. Very lucky will be the one who enamors your heart. They will be treated to a balanced relationship full of creativity and loving expression.

For you, romance is one of life's great virtues, not just something you do lightly. Your sign needs other people in order to facilitate balance. So you're much better in relationships than on your own.

But you also know that developing independence throughout your lifetime helps you stay strong when you're on your own, or committed to a partner.

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