Libra is the finest Zodiac sign...

Libra is the finest Zodiac sign...

Self-indulgent? You? Well, of course! But you prefer to think of it as a highly refined aesthetic sense! Your elegance is one of your best traits that you are not willing to lose. Goddess Venus is your ruler, and nowadays you carry her torch by naturally liking nice, beautiful things, including people.

Instead of buying five regular items, you're willing to hold out a bit longer to get exactly what you want, once you finally decide what that is, of course. So what if you spend a teeny bit more than you can really afford?

Like fellow elegant Libra celebrities Monica Bellucci, Gwen Stefani and Kate Winslet, you appreciate color, design and proportion, therefore, high quality nourishes your soul and feeds your spirit, and that's a good thing.

You know how to practice moderation and keep a good balance between your spending money and savings. That way, you still get to be the finest sign in the entire Zodiac!

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