How to rub elbows without seeming like a fake...

How to rub elbows without seeming like a fake...

As a Libra, you are the most social sign and your calendar is always stuffed with social engagements. Even if it comes to you as something very natural, you know the importance of schmoozing. In fact, if it were an Olympic sport, you'd probably win the gold medal.

For you, all the talking, texting, emailing, video chats plus all the charity, artistic and social events you attend is networking. You've got your finger on the pulse in a big way. If you are not doing it already, use it to your advantage, Libra!

The thing is, you can be so generous that you blow all that great karma by giving your contacts to your friends. That's really sweet. But make sure you get some of the benefits of your hard work. Whenever you need a favor back from a friend, don't hesitate to call them up and ask.

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