Libras can smoothly navigate love's rough patches if...

Libras can smoothly navigate love's rough patches if...

Libra natives like things to be harmonious and light, without any stress or discord. Don't we all! But sometimes, life just isn't like that. Especially when it comes to close relationships.

Your sign doesn't like anything unpleasant, and sometimes shies away from conflict a bit too much, or refuses to say what's really on your mind to keep the peace. But that might be a bad idea, as it might trigger problems down the road. Others can't always be mind-readers.

It's important as you're getting to know someone really well to find a way to express an opposing view. It won't ruin the entire relationship if you don't both like the same TV show, foods, movies, or sports. A gentle "no" will suffice, and give you both time to spend on the stuff you really love.

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