Will this matter in a day, month, or year?

Will this matter in a day, month, or year?

You worry. You can't help it. But it doesn't accomplish much besides tying you up in knots of anxiety. Most of what you worry about works itself out in the end.

In the meantime you've wasted emotional energy that would have been better spent on something else! Here's some advice to help you put worries into perspective.

1. Change is overrated. You can't change others' behavior. Let it go.
2. Other people aren't always right. Stop worrying about what others might think.
3. You can't save the world (or family or friends). You have to let others live their own lives.
4. Nobody's perfect. Not even you. Hard to believe, isn't it?
5. Money can't solve worry. Dreaming of winning the lottery isn't the answer. You're better off focusing on the real issue, not a fantasy solution.

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