Fitness bored Scorpio? This will wake you up!

Posted by Lola Stinger
Fitness bored Scorpio? This will wake you up!

As one of the most intense signs, you need a constant energy release to feel at your best. But you get bored easily, and so do your sneakers from that repetitive gym routine.

Trying this 4-day program will make your fitness week fly by, and make it more fun.

1. Monday - Burn the weekend calories by running to the park and do 30 minutes of ab work. Don't forget to run back!

2. Tuesday - Two for the price (and time) of one, yogilates!

3. Thursday - It's almost happy hour time! Dance fusion will put you in the right mood for the week's end.

4. Saturday- Wrap up your week with a bike ride, either to run errands, or simply enjoy the beautiful day.

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