Give 'em the HOT shoulder, Gemini - here's how...

Give 'em the HOT shoulder, Gemini - here's how...

Wanna look your best? Simple: keep your arms and shoulders in shape by doing lateral raises with hand weights or machines. Or use an exercise band at home.

Stand on the center of the band, feet hip-distance apart. Hold a handle in each hand. Raise arms, palms down, to shoulder height, and lower. Do three sets of twelve reps.

And now that you've worked so hard to tone those sexy shoulders and arms, show them off! Use self-tanner or a shimmery lotion to accentuate the contours with a bronze glow, then dress them up in flirty, off-the-shoulder or cut-out tops and dresses. Add a sculptural cuff and you're good to go!

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