Top 10 Careers For Aquarius


On October 28, 2014

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Top 10 Careers For Aquarius

Most mundane careers do not appeal to the Water Bearer. They have an inner need to be noticed, and a real aversion to boredom.

Aquarians should ideally seek professions and jobs where they are able to use their planning ability and sense of idealism, while indulging their fascination with technology. Do not expect an Aquarius to be happy compiling data or working on repetitive tasks!

The Water Bearer also needs to be intellectually engaged and stimulated by their work and work environment. They need to be able to apply the latest technology in their work and to be on the cutting edge of their profession. They are always ten miles ahead of everyone else in their thinking; therefore, Aquarians need space to allow independence of thought and to encourage innovation. Oddly enough, a happy Aquarius worker will typically be so engrossed in their work they won’t even notice if the thermostat is not working and their office is freezing!

Read on to see which careers are best suited to Aquarius:

1. Mediator
Of all the signs in the Zodiac, Aquarius is best suited to being an objective problem solver. They work tirelessly on the behalf of others, going after the bad guys and putting things right. Their natural do-gooder personality gives them the inner motivation to see things through and get results. Lots of brainpower will be expended trying to get to the heart of the matter, and to persuade companies and individuals to make good on their promises.

2. Weatherperson
Aquarians love to use their intellect to help others. What better way than to predict the weather? They get to use all kinds of neat technology, satellite images, databases, and historical data to do their job. It doesn’t really matter to them if they hit the mark. The thing they love is that they get paid to analyze data and “play God” while giving people hope. Of particular fascination are the coldest places on earth.

3. Political Activist
Aquarius always has to have a cause. A natural career choice would be to create havoc and unrest and to stir things up by being a political activist. Water Bearers work out by walking the picket line and socialize by demonstrating. Their entire life is consumed by circulating petitions, writing politicians, and lobbying the government. This usually doesn’t pay very well, so they often supplement their income by working in a call center or waiting tables. To an Aquarius, any worthy situation can become a political issue.

4. Rocket Scientist
Aquarius natives have the intellectual capacity to make it in this challenging field. Only the biggest brainiacs need apply. They are drawn to the heavy use of computers and technology, the chance to draw rockets on graph paper, and maybe even wear a pocket protector. They dream of formulas and codes, but find it hard to fit in socially. They be so consumed in their work that they never marry. If they do, their partner would have to be very patient and overlook their personal flaws and consumption with work.

5. Social Worker
This career is perfect for Aquarius because they can practice universal love without becoming intimately involved. Their need to rescue people in need can be formally acknowledged and compensated. They care about others and genuinely want to help, but also want to keep a certain reserve. This allows them to do good work while remaining independent. Water Bearers generally do not let things get to them too much emotionally, which works out really well in this field.

6. Conceptual Artist
For the Aquarian who likes to wear black and live for wine and cheese, this is the avenue to explore. Conceptual artistry involves being able to rationalize profusely the display of irrational things. Aquarius is the perfect person to discuss such work in an impressive way. With this type of art it’s important to be able to talk a lot, use big words, and occasionally look disdainful. One doesn’t even need to be able to draw, except maybe Unemployment Benefits.

7. Environmental Planner
With this career, Aquarius can fulfill their need to plan for the future, while looking important by attending a lot of public meetings and open houses. They get to play with maps, pore over aerial photos, and decide the future of entire towns and cities. When you consider some of the placements of access roads, off-ramps, and signage, you wonder how some of them get through college, not to mention life.

8. Aid Worker
For the independently wealthy Aquarians who have lots of time on their hands, this might be an area to pursue. They’ll need to be good in a crisis, have concern for the plight of their fellow humans, and be able to move at the drop of a hat. Teamwork is definitely important, and they’ll need a pocketful of ideals. Aquarius is quite happy with the change and variety that aid work offers.

9. Astrologer
Believe it or not, the perfect career for Aquarius is astrologer! It’s “out there” enough so that no one quite knows how to refer to the profession. They can be an Astrologist, Astronomer, or Wing Nut, depending on who is describing them. It involves the perfect marriage of intellect and intuition. They are able to understand someone at a very deep level without any messy involvement. This profession bridges the gap between space and humankind, a worthy concept to an Aquarius.

10. Engineer
Aquarius is drawn to the day-to-day nature of engineering. They get to work on jobsites in the dead of winter, climb on top of skyscrapers in high winds, or on an oilrig in the middle of the ocean in a thunderstorm. The beauty of this job, though, is that they get to do all the planning and scheduling but they don’t actually have to get dirty unless they fall in a trench or rub up against a truck. It’s helpful to be a nitpicky know-it-all with a superior attitude to really stand out in this career.

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