Clarity in the Astral Realm


On October 27, 2014

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Clarity in the Astral Realm

Psychics and mediums receive their information in various ways. However, all of them must access the astral realm that surrounds our entire world and is invisible to the physical eye. Here, thoughts, feelings, and future possibilities take on an almost material form. In accessing this layer of consciousness, a psychic practicing mental mediumship uses certain parts of the mind just like we use the five physical senses.

There is clairsentience. The medium picks up certain energies and just “knows.” A clairsentient medium in contact with a departed person can often feel the same pains and sensations that person felt during life. This can be compared to the physical sense of touch.

Then there is clairgustance. The medium experiences certain taste sensations associated with the entity in question. Clairalience is the psychic’s ability to experience certain smell sensations connected to the earthly biography of a departed soul. This could be a perfume, tobacco, certain food smells, and the like.

The two most common and informative ways of accessing information from higher realms, however, are clairvoyance and clairaudience, the senses of “clear seeing” and “clear hearing.” You’re most likely to encounter these two methods when talking to a psychic on the telephone.

A clairvoyant psychic activates a “third eye” to retrieve information from the astral realm. It’s the equivalent of our physical eyes, but it sees things that have happened in the past or could happen in the future. Sometimes it also picks up current events that are taking place in a far-removed location. This latter function is called “remote viewing” and has been the subject of many a government experiment in various countries, including the United States!

In using the facility of clairvoyance, the psychic sees scenes unfolding in front of his or her inner eye. The intensity of the observations varies. They can appear as hazy, nebulous scenes that seem to take place on some kind of inner movie screen, or the psychic reader may get a sense of being right in the middle of events. Often, the psychic doesn’t know exactly what he or she is seeing, and it may be up to you as a caller to make sense of the information.

Clairaudience works in much the same way, albeit related to the sense of hearing. Again, the hearing sensation may feel to the psychic as if someone were talking in the same room, or the psychic may hear voices and other sounds inside his or her head.

Obviously, this latter type of psychism has its repercussions when practiced on a phone line. After all, the psychic is listening both to you and to the other side while trying to convey the information to you simultaneously. Sound like hard work? It is! Inevitably, there will be moments of silence in your conversation. These are meant to extract valuable information from the astral realm, not hard-earned cash from your pocket. Once you’ve tried a psychic reading and witnessed the amazing results our psychics generate, you’ll know that it is worth the wait!

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