What is your animal guide?

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On October 27, 2014

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What is your animal guide?

Most ancient cultures believe that there is an independent animal element to the human soul. In the ancient religion of the Americas this animal was called the nagual, and the Egyptians called it the Ka. Your psychic animal guide is like a four-legged fairy godmother that is always looking out for you.

The psychic animal guide was believed to not only serve as the person’s guide through their dreams, it was also related to luck and therefore could affect events in the waking world. The belief was that a person needed a guide through the uncharted territories of dreams and visions so they could be safely led back home to their body after astral traveling.

When it comes to luck, these psychic animal guides were believed to be the cryptic beings that arranged for positive things to happen. When someone didn’t have luck, they were out of sync with their psychic animal guide. This meant that the person was not following the lead of their animal guide correctly.

Find your guide

The first task in locating your own particular psychic animal guide is to see it in your dreams. This animal is common in your dreams from the time before you are even born that as you age and lose your innocence you also lose sight of the animal guide. Think back to your earliest dreams – what animal do you remember?

To channel your psychic animal in your dream, you can place an idol or statue of it on your nightstand. This will remind you of the animal before you go to bed. By seeing it every night before you fall asleep, the image of the animal will ultimately begin to appear in your dreams. This is the same effect as when you stare at a picture, then close your eyes and still see it. The image crosses over from one state of reality to the next.

Connecting with your guide

Even when you find your psychic animal guide in your dreams, you will still need to take more steps in order to work with this guide effectively. To form a strong bond so you can astral travel safely, a material manifestation of this animal has to take physical form and have direct contact with you in your dreams, and then also in real life. On first glance, the animal will appear normal, but its not. There will be something out of the ordinary about the creature or the way it acts.

Astral travel

Now that you have located your psychic animal guide in your dreams and it has touched you in an awakened state, according to the ancient mystic law you are ready to astral travel. All you have to do is follow your psychic animal guide through your dreams. Over time you will learn to remember more and more of what you experience during your astral travels, and obtain knowledge and insight from both the world of dreams along with visions. This hidden knowledge is the treasure that your psychic animal guide can ultimately lead you to.

Ancient spiritualists were also believed to be able to manifest a psychic animal guide in waking time to do their bidding. It was also believed that if the manifested psychic animal of a person was killed, that person would not only die, but be removed from the wheel of reincarnation for eternity. This would be because the person would no longer have a psychic animal guide to lead their way through death and reincarnation.

All and all, the ancient spiritualists believed that the key to obtaining, understanding, and using psychic energy was to first locate your own psychic animal guide. What animal do you feel most connected to? Find it in your dreams, and follow it to your destiny.

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