They predicted it!


On October 27, 2014

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They predicted it!

Ever since humans began to wonder about life after death, there have been psychics who tried to answer this question and more. Throughout history there have been several notable psychics who left their mark on the world. Read on to learn more about these special individuals.

Jean Dixon is possibly the most famous psychic of modern times. Her most renowned prediction was that in 1960 – that a tall, blue-eyed Democrat would become president and be assassinated in office. Ms. Dixon’s amazing insight into John F. Kennedy’s sad fate brought psychics into the mainstream media. Years after Kennedy’s death, Nancy Reagan became Jean Dixon’s devoted follower and managed much of her husband’s schedule according to Jean’s astrological predictions. To this day, Jean Dixon remains one of America’s most beloved and controversial psychics.

Nostradamus was an early 16th Century psychic who made over 6,000 predictions in his most famous book, Les Prophetes. These prophecies pertained to many things including world events, floods, wars, politics, and earthquakes. Over the centuries, many people have believed that Nostradamus predicted the timeline of major civilizations. He claimed disaster may strike in 2012, with world disasters of biblical magnitude.

Daniel Dunglas Home, a 19th century Scottish medium, claimed to not only talk to the dead and have them physically acknowledge him, but said he could also levitate. Home was a master of the art of séance and was tested by judges and scientists, who never found a fraudulent answer for the strange ways the dead communicated with Home. Often there were luminescent aberrations and the levitation of very heavy tables when Home did his sessions.

Madame Blavatsky, the author of the Secret Doctrine, really started the whole modern psychic and medium movement in the 19th Century. She came from Russian royalty and supposedly gave up her wealth to go study in Tibet. After her hermetic return, her aristocratic status, exotic outfits, and props got attention from a society that was quickly forgetting the past and racing toward a more modern time. Blavatsky claimed to contact ghosts in medium trances that gave her great insight into the future of humanity and this made her the rage of the growing bohemian movement in Europe. Her séances were centered on contacting the Aryan.

Grigori Rasputin was the noted mad monk who was both psychic and a faith healer to the Czar of Russia, Nicholas Romanov, his wife, and son. As a child it was believed that Rasputin could locate stolen objects. His abilities led him to take up the life of a wandering mystic. Then, a vision led him to the palace of the Russian czar. It was here that his incredible ability to foresee the future over and over again brought him to national prominence. This is when he healed the sick son of the czar and became the most important unofficial member of the royal house.

Edgar Cayce is probably the most-read psychic of the 20th Century with over 14,000 recorded predictions. His correct predictions included the beginning and end of both World Wars, the end of the Great Depression, and the assassination of presidents. His technique was to go into a sleep trance and communicate with spirits or learn a natural cure that could help a sick person. Although he tried, Cayce never made any notable amount of money from his skill.

These are a few histories of the most noted and controversial psychics. The common thread that holds them together is that each one believed that they had a special ability to communicate with beings and energy others could not. In each case, their abilities brought them fame, but also sometimes skepticism. Regardless of whether their more outlandish claims proved to be true, at the very least, they provided healing and comfort to thousands of spiritual seekers.

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