Too Busy For Love?


On October 22, 2014

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Too Busy For Love?

If you don’t think there are enough hours in the day to make precious, passionate memories, here are ways that you can make more time for love.

Aries: You know the newest hobby that you’re so passionate about? A year ago, you didn’t know the first thing about it, but now you’re a confident expert. It’s just the latest of your pet obsessions that’s getting in the way of love. Put it aside for a bit.

Taurus: It’s hard for Taurus to go on a “quick” date, since your idea of romance usually means a whole evening, day, or weekend devoted to someone. You could end up skipping love entirely. Force yourself to take just an hour for a date or a few minutes to write a quick note of appreciation to your crush.

Gemini: You have the great ability to pay attention to somebody even when you’re doing something else. If you’re too busy with errands to make a date with your special someone, try asking your love interest to tag along to make the time fly.

Cancer: Cancer people are so loving that they might transfer that care and attention to other things if they get too busy. If you’re getting way too passionate about a work project or pet, that’s a sign that you need to pull back from those things to open up your time for love.

Leo: Are you working to live or living to work? A Leo can get caught in a spiral of material accumulation. If you spend all your time maintaining your toys or trying to buy new ones, see if you can do without for a while and spend quality time with people of interest instead.

Virgo: A Virgo can get too detail oriented, which can eliminate free time. Whether it means staying late at work to finish a project or spending all weekend setting up a new computer, try doing just an adequate job and then walking away to find companionship.

Libra: Decisions, decisions. A Libra can overthink the idea of finding love until the moment has passed. Instead of thinking all day about what you might be able to do that evening in order to secure love, just make a choice and go with it. If the bar scene doesn’t work this week, you can try something else next week.

Scorpio: A Scorpio tends to like to do something big and well or not do it at all. You may have to plan ahead to make time for love by surprising a boyfriend or girlfriend with a weekend getaway. Or join a singles club that puts dates on your calendar ahead of time.

Sagittarius: Your optimism may lead you to break too many dates when you can’t finish required work or chores ahead of time. Make more time for love by setting more flexible dates or suggesting two potential date days. That way, it’s easy to reschedule if needed.

Capricorn: You would rather be early to a date and read a book while waiting than be one minute late, but that makes it harder to squeeze one into your schedule. Give yourself permission to be flexible with start times and you will find more room for love in your life.

Aquarius: You always think that you can make time later for yourself or for love, but your hardworking attitude doesn’t give you those breaks. Force yourself to devote a regular time each week to being open to finding love instead of working on the home, car, or job.

Pisces: Your social life is important to you, but that might mean you spend more time with your crush in a group instead of having one-on-one time that can blossom into deeper love. Carve out time from larger social occasions to have some private time with a special person.

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