Get Him To Propose


On October 22, 2014

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Get Him To Propose

Have you been in the girlfriend zone for way too long? Are you starting to hear wedding bells ring? Here are some tips and tricks to help your man see that taking your relationship to the next level is the right thing to do.

Aries: You can’t force your Aries man to do anything, but you can play on his impulsiveness and let him think it was his idea. A quick trip to the jewelry store on a regular shopping trip together, or even a weekend in Vegas, might get you more commitment than you bargained for.

Taurus: The Taurus man values security and is very practical. I’m not asking you to scare your guy too badly, but it may help to point out that one way to get you to stick around for good is to walk down the aisle. Extolling the tax benefits of marriage couldn’t hurt, either!

Gemini: It’s hard to tie down a flighty Gemini, so talk about future dreams as if they’re eventual and “whenever,” but talk about them often enough to paint a picture. Chances are your Gemini man will get so carried away with the ideas that he’ll make them come about more quickly.

Cancer: An ultimatum can scare a Cancer man who was planning to pop the question anyway. Your best way to help a Cancer commit to more is to simply be as romantic as possible and express your own desire to be by his side. He needs encouragement.

Leo: A Leo can easily take his girlfriend for granted while he waits for the perfect moment for an over-the-top proposal. Send in a mutual friend to suggest to your man a public proposal, such as a message on the big screen at the ballpark.

Virgo: Virgo men can get so wrapped up in the details of planning a proposal that they might delay until it feels like a reasonable thing to do. Point out that the sometimes jealous Virgo would have you all to himself. Then tell him what ring you want, to eliminate the guesswork.

Libra: Libra men are so confident much of the time that it can be funny to think that they fear rejection, but it’s true. A Libra man will be very responsive to a conversation about marriage that has you both agreeing on a date, rather than waiting for him to take the lead.

Scorpio: Focus on your needs when talking with a Scorpio man about the future, because he might be so content with you as a girlfriend that he may not want things to change. If you make it all about him, he might dig in his heels and get stubborn.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius men can fear marriage because they feel it might tie them down or take away their freedom. Talk to your man about the future adventures the two of you can have as a couple. Set his sights high for moving to new places and seeing new things.

Capricorn: A Capricorn man can bide his time before making his bid for marriage. He wants to make sure he can trust that you’re serious about it. Surprisingly, having family members guilt-trip him by asking why he hasn’t asked might give him the needed push.

Aquarius: An Aquarius man can worry about how marriage may change his life. Give concrete examples of how a deeper commitment won’t limit him any more than he already is by choice. Offer some ideas for nontraditional weddings that might be more his speed.

Pisces: Make plans to hang out with mutual friends who are engaged or married. If a Pisces man thinks that everyone else is doing it, he might be more inclined to take your own relationship to the next level, since it doesn’t look like such a crazy idea.

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