Get Back At Your Ex!


On October 22, 2014

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Get Back At Your Ex!

Feeling glum because of a recent relationship breakdown? Here’s how to get sweet revenge: give yourself an ultimate makeover for a fresh, fabulous new look that can attract more of the good things – and people – you deserve!

Aries: No more nibbling on your fingernails, mentally replaying “now if I had only said…” mind games with yourself! It’s time for a new attitude and a new hairdo to go with it. We’re talking highlights to punch up the natural shade variation in your hair, plus a textured look so that your terrific tresses frame your face.

Taurus: Say “yes” to healthy changes. Drowning your sorrows in endless sugary desserts will only satisfy your cravings for a lift temporarily. The damage done to your skin and weight won’t exactly perk you up, either. Instead, make this your time to nurture yourself with healthy food, exercise, and a few subtle makeup changes chosen to flatter your features.

Gemini: You’re a genius when it comes to advising your many friends on their love lives. That said, why are you so hard on yourself? Stop looking back and look forward, to the glorious future that awaits you. Remember that relaxing vacation you and your ex always planned? Plan that glorious trip you deserve on your own or with a friend. You’ll come back with a glow, and you never know who you’ll meet on your journey!

Cancer: Clean out the cupboards! Your ex-sweetie is gone, and those sweets that he or she loved need to exit, too. Changing to a healthier eating plan will pay off big time when it comes to a shapelier figure, glowing skin, and shiny hair. Yes, it’s time to toss out that carton of Chubby Hubby ice cream in the freezer, too!

Leo: Don’t let a lost love leave you feeling faded and lackluster. It’s time to bring on a little shimmer on your skin, complete with face-illuminating highlights in your hair and a sparkling new outfit to match the sparkle in your eyes. Remember: you deserve the best!

Virgo: Feel virtuous by eating right, exercising, and going for the gold when it comes to makeup and a new outfit! You’ll glow from within and without with a fresh look – maybe even one your ex might not have approved of. Let go of those memories and look forward to feeling positive about the future.

Libra: Just say “yes” to your friends’ invitation to a party, night out on the town, or even (you deserve it!) day of pampering at a spa. It’s time for the three R’s: rest, relax, and recreation! You’ll be feeling fine, looking good, and become more than over that oh-so-in-the-past ex.

Scorpio: It’s time to welcome change. Perhaps it’s that long, straight hair that your ex wanted you to keep (but you secretly hated to maintain!). Maybe it’s those tired blue jeans in your closet that bring back formerly happy memories of picnics in the park. Lose the excess baggage and pick up a stylish accessory that embodies the new, independent you!

Sagittarius: It’s time to resign from the Whine Club. Toss out the “coulda, shoulda, woulda” self-tortures. In their place, sign up for a healing yoga class, and don’t forget the cute new yoga attire to keep your spirits as high as your mood will soon become!

Capricorn: Let go of that lovelorn look and go for fresh glamour! Highlight your gorgeous eyes with dark, full-length mascara, a light eye-shadow that highlights your eye color, and just a thin streak of eyeliner. Try something different with lip color, perhaps a peach or rose shade for a change?

Aquarius: You have friends whom you just might have neglected in your pursuit of your ex. It’s time to get back in the social swim by getting together with all those you care about and are good for you – because they care about you, too! Feel the love, and celebrate with a gorgeous new outfit chosen because it pleases you – no other opinions matter.

Pisces: “Playful” sums up your mood, and playful outfits suit your style. Celebrate the departure of your ex with a sunny yellow top or scarf, and sign up for a dance class to keep your spirits high. You’ll be brighter and lighter in no time!

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