Is Your Love Healthy?


On October 22, 2014

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Is Your Love Healthy?

Do you share a love of junk food and too much sitting in front of the TV? Let your love for each other and the unique energy of your Sun Sign guide you to improved health, happiness, and desire for both you and your mate.

Aries: Does the staff at the local movie theater automatically reach for the largest size buttered popcorn and soda cup when you walk in? Persuade your mate to experiment with more action-packed evenings out, such as going dancing or bowling! Eat at home beforehand, making healthy choices for dinner such as chicken with vegetables.

Taurus: You and your loved one will feel terrific when you take a healthy cooking class together. Everyone wins in this game of “best chef” as you discover the magic of sautéing for two. Try going for an occasional walk hand in hand after dinner to feel even closer.

Gemini: Love means never having to say you’re sorry… for declining another slice of cake! Have the two of you fallen into the habit of showing your love through gifts of high-calorie treats? Renew your passion by pushing away your plate and signing up for a dance class! Trade that guacamole and chips for salsa – dancing, that is.

Cancer: Has your idea of entertainment become focused on dining at restaurants that serve the richest food in town? It’s time to try something newer and fresher. Propose to your mate that the two of you save up that money you spend dining out to join a health club – or perhaps pursue an athletic passion together, such as golf.

Leo: Get those chips and cookies out of your mate’s den! You can love someone but hate their food habits, especially when it’s leading you into a very fattening forest of food. Propose that for six weeks, you make some healthier tweaks, such as water instead of your usual beverage and baked instead of fried foods. Tag-team diet changes with a fun form of fitness.

Virgo: Get support for new healthy living goals by teaming up with your mate on an action plan. Start by cleaning out your cupboards (donate what you don’t want to a food pantry), then head to a health food store for staples like brown rice and fresh herbs, vegetables, and lean proteins. Incorporate regular exercise, and the two of you will be in great shape fast!

Libra: Gourmet food doesn’t have to be fattening – and social events can involve more than parties! You and your mate can get some new cookbooks and create beautiful, light dishes and appetizers at home. Save the outings for special occasions, and make dining in a new special routine.

Scorpio: All that takeout you order with your partner are taking a bite out of your health, big time! Get into the groove of a healthy lifestyle by inviting your sweetheart to join you in a more active lifestyle. How about planning pre-dinner walks, followed by preparing healthy meals together?

Sagittarius: Dearest Sag – are you feeling, umm, saggy? If your partner devotes more time to tuning up the car or your social networking status than the body, it’s time for a new game – literally! Swimming? Tennis? Boxing? Agree to challenge one another to try something new that puts a priority on self-health.

Capricorn: Exercise can bring you closer to your loved one if you participate in soothing classes such as yoga or tai chi. Put a stop to those Saturday night “anything goes” food fests. In their place, make a pact with your partner to head to restaurants with healthy offerings, such as steamed vegetables and grilled lean proteins.

Aquarius: One word: potluck. You and your partner love to dine out – but your health could be paying a hefty price as well as your wallet! Get back in the swing of healthy living by inviting friends to a healthy, homemade potluck. You’ll have so much fun that you might want to make it a monthly event!

Pisces: Feeling like your “get up and go” has gone up and went – without you? Consider getting on the clean food diet with your partner – avoid foods that contain sugar, white flour, and trans fats, and focus on veggies, lean proteins, and fruit, with a small amount of whole grains. Both of you will have so much energy that you’ll want to exercise more, too!

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