Hot Date Ideas


On October 22, 2014

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Hot Date Ideas

Nothing is more romantic and magical than the glorious Full Moon! We have twelve full moons every year. Some years we get 13. Fine-tune the specifics to your taste, but pick up on the spirit of the season and the sign each Moon is in to make the most of them all. Black is always a lucky Moon date color to wear, but we have a few other suggestions, too.

Full Moon in Leo
Normally in January, this Moon encourages you to be flamboyant, creative, and worthy of the New Year. Attend a live performance, music event, theater, or a Super Bowl party. Wear gold, or team colors.

Full Moon in Virgo
Usually in February, think intimate and cozy. If not a poetry reading, maybe a skiing or snowboarding day (or anything else) that ends in a deep plush sofa in front of a fireplace. Wear neutral grays or browns.

Full Moon in Libra
March means Spring! And Libra means partner, so yield to the whims of your beloved and ride the carousel at the amusement park, or go bird watching. Enjoy nature. Wear pale blues and greens.

Full Moon in Scorpio
It’s probably April. Go horseback riding, or ride dirt bikes. Scorpio revels in the physical. You might also go dancing. More modestly, go for a stroll. Wear deep red or sexy black.

Full Moon in Sagittarius
Usually in May, this Moon is perfect for touring expansive gardens, especially rose gardens. Or, is there a big outdoor festival or massive farmers’ market in town? Wear red (for the hummingbirds) or purple (for Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius).

Full Moon in Capricorn
It’s midsummer. Take a day hike or go on a mountain bike excursion, with a picnic lunch or supper, perhaps wine, too. For urban dwellers, explore thrift shops or yard sales in new neighborhoods. Capricorn loves the practical. Wear dark blue (jeans will work).

Full Moon in Aquarius
July is made for the beach, sunbathing, BBQ, or beach clean-up (Aquarius loves public service works). Being socially virtuous, or just being lazy together, it’s all romantic and magical! Wear electric blue or hot pink.

Full Moon in Pisces
August nights can be hot, and the cinema is air-conditioned, so go to the movies. Or, a day on water-skis or ski-jets might be more your thing. Pisces likes it all. Wear blue, purple, or sexy black.

Full Moon in Aries
This is the classic Harvest Moon. Go for a drive in the country and stop at the roadside fruit and vegetable stands. Or go to a ball game. Not your thing? Enjoy the ride and then watch the game in a sports bar. Be yourself and do what’s fun for you. Aries, and your partner, want it that way. Wear red or anything else bright.

Full Moon in Taurus
Seek out a great new restaurant, or some old favorite hole-in-the-wall. Sometimes supper deserves the whole evening. No one understands food (and not being rushed) like Taurus. Wear pearly pink, lapis blue, or sexy black.

Full Moon in Gemini
November is time for indoor pursuits. Try a museum – art, history, natural, classic, or modern. Don’t be fooled – culture is cool. You’ll see a lot, and have a lot to talk about. Wear any color of the rainbow and shine, or stick with the sexy black.

Full Moon in Cancer
It’s manic winter holiday season. Be cozy, secretive, and create a universe of two. Don’t tell anyone where you’re going or what you’re doing. Do a hot springs spa resort getaway. Or blow the day on comfort food and your favorite DVDs. Downtime together is romantic and magical. Wear silver or pastel colors.

Whatever the Full Moon, enjoy every minute of being together!

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