Couples On The Cusp – Hot Or Not?


On October 22, 2014

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Couples On The Cusp – Hot Or Not?

If you’re born on the cusp, you express qualities of two adjacent signs of the Zodiac. If you and your partner have adjacent Sun Signs, then you’re a couple on the cusp. It’s not all smiles and roses.

Adjacent signs are typically very different. You’ll have a lot in common, but you’ll have some glaring differences and clashes in how you approach life. You can complement each other in all ways, and be profoundly happy – that is when you’re not driving each other crazy and pushing each other’s buttons. Make the most of what’s shared, and vive la difference!

Aries/Taurus: You want to dash out and do things. Your partner wants to veg with a glass of wine. Don’t go stubborn on one another. You both appreciate what’s obviously right.

Taurus/Gemini: You can’t be rushed. Your partner can’t be slowed down. Patience on all fronts, and a sense of humor, will let you both savor the good and not miss out.

Gemini/Cancer: You can’t sit still. Your partner can’t be dragged out of the house. So, use each other as a model of how to focus on the big picture, then the little picture. Be comfortable with one another.

Cancer/Leo: You like to be left to your own devices. Your partner likes to be in the spotlight in the thick of things. No one excels at both working alone and working with others. Practice tolerance, and remember to laugh.

Leo/Virgo: You do things in a big way and aren’t shy about taking chances. Your partner nitpicks and wants to play it safe with even the little things. Everyone suffers an occasional failure or blunder. Be gentle and empathetic.

Virgo/Libra: You’ll struggle for perfection. Your partner will compromise to keep the peace. Be realistic about what standards are really called for, then relax and be reasonable with one another.

Libra/Scorpio: You’d as soon be inconspicuous. Your partner doesn’t mind freaking other people out. Sometimes it matters what other people think, but not always. Loosen up and don’t hassle one another about it.

Scorpio/Sagittarius: You can be a world-class loner. Your partner is constantly starved for social activity. Give each other space, and then dazzle the rest of the world with your naturally impeccable manners.

Sagittarius/Capricorn: You thrive on elegance and refinement. Your partner is all workaholic with rolled up sleeves. There’s a little performance art in every aspect of life. Don’t stress over appearances if everything important is getting done.

Capricorn/Aquarius: Respect for reality is your life. Your partner has no trouble with castles in the air. Reality and idealized fantasy both have their drawbacks. Look together at the world, recognize the ridiculous, and laugh.

Aquarius/Pisces: You know that life is a shared experience. Your partner takes everything painfully personally. Stay open-hearted and then comfort one another whenever the bruises and bumps of life strike.

Pisces/Aries: Your emotions cannot be denied. Your partner lives by the mantra ‘get over it.’ To survive in this world, a person needs both tenderness and toughness. Lean on each other, and don’t be proud.

All Couples: It’s no secret. Love one another a lot! Then everything else falls by the wayside and, in the end, what else matters?

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