Dress to Seduce

By Horoscope.com

On October 17, 2014

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Dress to Seduce

Every sign loves certain colors, styles, and even designs of different time periods. If you know what you’re dealing with, you can dress for success in love (or at least lust), both during the hunt and after the prey has happily surrendered.

Aries: Red, red, and red. They just can’t resist it, so if you want to be irresistible, do it up from your head to your toes. Oh, and Aries rules steel and iron, so don’t forget the spiked heels.

Taurus: Taurus is a Fixed Earth Sign. It rules spring, too, so think of that sweet, earthy smell after it rains. It’s all about tans, greens, and the dark brown of the earth herself. Dress yourself so you remind them of the earth, and you’ll be their own personal god/goddess.

Gemini: Life is like a perpetual amusement park for these easily bored signs, so if you want to capture their interest – and keep it – make your wardrobe as diverse as they are. No, it won’t be easy, but think of all the fun you’ll have shopping!

Cancer: Cancer is notoriously fond of home and family, but that doesn’t mean they’re into aprons. They do like blues, which often match their eyes, and other water colors that cater to their love of soothing and being cared for.

Leo: Leo rules gold, and they just love sunny, bright colors. If you want to catch their fiery eye, deck yourself out in golden hues. If you can’t afford accessories of the real thing, at least be sure your clothing includes gold – oh, and red, too, since they’re Fire Signs.

Virgo: They’re notorious for an almost obsessive love of neatness, so check yourself for lint and wrinkles before you make your approach. Don’t worry if they’re not quite as neat and pressed. This just means they were probably in a hurry to meet you.

Libra: Balance is what this sign is seeking out, in all things. So to get their attention, be sure you match. That means a complementary belt, shoes, and bag, not to mention any other more “personal” accessories. And no loud colors. They love subtlety.

Scorpio: Black is their color – and don’t think they won’t notice you if you’re not wearing something more striking. In their minds the little black dress or the elegant black suit is far more striking than someone decked out colorful as a clown.

Sagittarius: They’re notoriously casual, so if you want their affection, don’t be too dressed up, and don’t ever expect them to dress up too formally unless they’re bored and they suggest it. Your ideal outfit? Jeans, nice sneakers, and a fitted t-shirt.

Capricorn: Unlike their Sagittarian neighbors, this sign just loves being dressed up. If you meet them in an official capacity, they’ll just love to see you looking sharp and formal. They adore uniforms, including the standard uniform lots of us wear to work every day – pinstripes. It tells them you’re assertive and successful.

Aquarius: Got any 60s-era clothes? Know where there’s a vintage shop – that’s the way to your Aquarian’s heart. Either that, or try a funky yet sophisticated hairstyle no one else has. They want everything about them, including their partner, to reflect how different they are.

Pisces: Soft and natural – that’s what Pisces love. The thing is, they also love glamour, because it helps them escape reality. If you want to keep them around, you’ll have to use every cosmetic trick in the book – and I’m not just talking makeup. Clothing can make a new statement every day.

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