Create a Love Den


On October 17, 2014

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Create a Love Den

The bedroom is one of the most important areas of the home in Feng Shui. It reflects your ability to give and receive love, particularly in intimate relationships.

If you’d like to improve your sex life, turn your bedroom into a love den. It’s a simple matter of engaging the five senses. When your bedroom affords pleasure on all these levels, it will be sure to cultivate the physical intimacy you desire.

Everything in your bedroom should be a delight to the touch. A plush bedroom rug placed over a polished hardwood floor will feel good on your feet. Make sure your bed has a comfortable mattress, and cover it with a variety of firm and soft pillows. Choose your bed sheets carefully. They should be made of all natural fibers that feel wonderful on your skin. Add a faux fur throw to the foot of the bed. A leather bench at the end of the bed can serve as a handy catch-all for your robe and extra blankets, and a velvet chaise will invite you to recline with a good book during the daytime. The more engaged your sense of touch is in the boudoir, the more sensual your sex life will become.

The best colors for the bedroom are earth tones, punctuated with warm reds, oranges, and pinks. Paint the walls a rich chocolate brown, add bed linens of a lighter shade, and then accent these neutrals with scarlet lampshades, saffron throw pillows, or hot pink window coverings. When it comes to color a little will go a long way. A bedroom decorated in earth tones will create a warm, nurturing environment that is conducive to emotional intimacy. Fiery accents will lend sexual excitement to the space, turning your bedroom into a virtual love den!

All five senses should be engaged in your bedroom. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep a dish of foil-wrapped candy on a table. Chocolates, mints, violet pastilles… what you choose is up to you, but have offerings that will please both you and your partner. When you have the ability to satisfy your craving for food in the bedroom, you’ll be able to satisfy your appetite in other areas, too! If you’re dieting, opt for a supply of healthy snacks like tangerines or almonds.

Music soothes the savage beast, which is why it’s an essential addition to any bedroom. Of course, a person’s idea of romantic music is highly subjective. That’s all the more reason to create a variety of romantic playlists. Whether you like Schubert, Barry White, Billie Holliday, or Frank Sinatra, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is to create a soundscape that puts you in the mood for love. If you’re a nature lover, you may prefer a sound machine that replicates sounds of ocean waves or thunderstorms. Choose whatever sounds cultivate a relaxing, sensual atmosphere.

When it comes time to introduce scent, remember that a little goes a long way. A drop or two of essential oil warmed in a diffuser can lend wonderful energy to the bedroom. Ylang-ylang, jasmine, sandalwood, or rose are all good choices. If you don’t have a diffuser, you can always place a drop or two of essential oil on a cotton ball and slip it into your pillowcase. Keep in mind that of all the five senses, scent has the most powerful impact on the libido. The better your bedroom smells, the greater its potential as a love den.

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