Will you get lucky?

By Horoscope.com

On November 10, 2014

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Will you get lucky?

What makes someone lucky? Are some people naturally born with it? Do some have more luck than others? Well, luck, good fortune, serendipity – call it what you will – belongs to everyone. It might take a bit of insight and work to cultivate it, but everyone can be lucky!

Aries – Good at competing
Lucky when you regard others
You can be lucky in competitions or games of speed and daring. But the critical factor for you is to know your pacing. If you jump too quickly (which is your basic nature) you won’t be prepared with all that you need to know and your lucky chance could just fizzle away.

Taurus – Good at finances
Lucky when sharing
You surely can be lucky with your earthy nature. Luck can come to you through money or physical possessions. Your key to luck is to know that you deserve all good things and agree to spread your abundance around to share it with others.

Gemini – Good at selling
Lucky when listening
Your luck strikes when you least expect it to, and it often comes through the knowledge that you either glean from resources or the information that others tell you. Armed with it, you know the how, when, where, and most importantly the why of what to do. Listen more and more luck follows you.

Cancer – Good at parenting
Lucky when achieving
Your luck in life shows up when you are true to yourself. That’s when you are nurturing others and offering your wise counsel without judgment. It’s when you treat others as you would your own family members that those little ‘miracles’ or rewards just move into your sphere.

Leo – Good at giving
Lucky when asking
Your luck comes when you are caught up in your own bliss by creating something from your heart. Whether it is a piece of art, music, dance, poetry, film, woodwork, or sharing love with someone – that’s when you are so generous with unconditional giving. That’s your key for good luck!

Virgo – Good at organizing
Lucky when viewing with a wide lens
Your luck comes when you are working within your own system. Organizing and analyzing things empowers you and gives you a comfortable amount of control over your life. That’s when you are focused and centered and – voila! – there comes a lucky opportunity for you!

Libra – Good at partnering
Lucky when considering your own needs
Your luck enters your life when you are with a partner, but being overly considerate of the other, you can easily lose yourself when you become a “we.” Be sure that you are not pleasing the beloved to a fault and you are maintaining your own identity or your luck will run out.

Scorpio – Good at intimacy
Lucky when simplifying
Your luck arrives when you are lovingly supportive of others without any hidden agendas. Share yourself openly. You are a magnet for luck when you open your inner light and let it shine outward. Remember, the sum is greater than the parts it is made of.

Sagittarius – Good at attunement
Lucky when teaching
Astrology books say that you are the luckiest sign of all, but first you have to find your center. You do that by using your gift of faith and trust in yourself and the plan of your life. As you travel inside yourself or worldwide you inspire others with lofty ideals and the luck just flows.

Capricorn – Good at achieving
Lucky when showing your feelings
Your luck is seen when you are achieving the goals that you have set for yourself. Never giving up and refusing to quit is the key for you. Each step toward success brings greater satisfaction. Let others help, too, as new opportunities open.

Aquarius – Good at blending in
Lucky when taking the spotlight
Your luck grows when you are involved with your friendships – always there to lend a helping hand and offering ideas and methods to improve conditions, whether they are personal or socially oriented. Reach out to network and good luck is stuck on you!

Pisces – Good at compassion
Lucky when discriminating
Your luck follows you like a puppy dog – it’s always there! All you have to do is close your eyes and listen to the still, quiet voice that speaks to your mind. Your bliss is felt when you are extending your boundless compassion, and good fortune fills your life.

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