Cheers To The Irish!


On November 10, 2014

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Cheers To The Irish!

The Irish – and those who want to honor the Irish spirit – are known to raise a glass, whether it’s fine whisky or a tall draft of Guinness.

The Irish are incredible drinkers, period. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, let’s review a number of specialties each sign might prefer.

Aries: Active Fire Sign Aries will be at home with the fire-water of Irish whisky, straight up or on the rocks. The word itself comes from a Gaelic world meaning “water.” Monks first distilled Irish whisky about a thousand years ago. I’m sure this helped warm many on those lonely, cold nights. Aries natives might want to sample some of the most popular labels, including Old Bushmills, Tullamore Dew, Powers, Paddy, and Jameson.

Taurus: Sensual Taurus might enjoy a taste of mead. It was developed independently by many different cultures, including Ethiopia and northern Europe. Mead makes a wonderful after-dinner drink. Made of honey, water, and yeast, it is sometimes called honey wine. “Meadhing” is brewing honey into a drink that mixes the sweetness of honey and the tang of alcohol. Mead, spiced and heated, is a great winter warmup.

Gemini: The sign Gemini rules cousins and neighbors. Across the pond, Gemini natives might enjoy ordering an Irish carbomb. This frankly American concoction starts with a pint of Guinness. Add Irish cream liquor and whisky in a shotglass, and drop it into the pint. The trick is to down it in one gulp! Many would tell you that Guinness alone is as close as anyone gets to heaven.

Cancer: Cancer natives like their creature comforts. Cream liquors offer sweetness, rich flavor, and the warmth of alcohol spirits. One of the most famous and delicious Irish exports is Bailey’s Irish Cream. This is a lovely drink for a romantic Irish-flavored tête-à-tête with someone special. Baileys can be served in straight shots, on ice, or mixed in black coffee.

Leo: Leo natives love the spotlight. So naturally, their drink is the “mother’s milk” of Ireland: Guinness stout. In 1759, Arthur Guinness began producing what is one of the best-known beers in the world. This strong, dark brew is considered to have health-supporting properties. In Ireland, the fainthearted drink it with a splash of blackcurrant. At one time, it was even given to new mothers in Dublin hospitals.

Virgo: Tequila is the universal drink of all Virgo natives anywhere, anytime. St. Patty’s Day shouldn’t be an exception. There is a long tradition of Irish immigrants moving to Mexico. Undoubtedly, some of these intrepid travelers discovered the many fine makers of tequila from the state of Jalisco. Tequila is clear (blanco) or colored (reposado and anejo) when aged in wooden casks. Don’t settle for anything less than 100 percent pure agave.

Libra: Beer is a natural choice for social Libra, known for having a difficult time making a choice. Beer gives you options. Try a Black and Tan. This is a favorite beer combination made from a blend of a dark beer, such as Guinness, and a pale ale, such as Bass Ale. You might want to invite friends to sample other popular Irish beers including Murphy’s Irish Stout, Kilkenny, and Smithwick’s.

Scorpio: Scorpio’s attraction to the forbidden could be ignited at the prospect of sampling some Irish Poitin. This is the Irish version of moonshine. This strong spirit, generally made from potatoes, has been distilled for centuries out of whatever plants were at hand. It’s strong that it was banned in many parts of Ireland as a health hazard. Commercially made, Poitin can now be bought in Ireland. Sample with caution!

Sagittarius: Sagittarius loves travel. They say an Irish barman attempting to revive the spirits of transatlantic passengers invented Irish coffee. Dissolve two teaspoons of brown sugar into a cup containing one-third Irish whisky and two-thirds hot, strong, freshly brewed coffee. Stir well. Then gently pour lightly whipped cream over the back of a spoon to float on the surface of the coffee. Enjoy the pleasure of sipping hot coffee through the cool cream!

Capricorn: Down-to-earth Capricorn appreciates the quality and nuance of a good European vintage. They can celebrate with a glass of good wine. Although wine is rarely made in Ireland, it has become a popular drink with meals and for social occasions. You might enjoy drinking white wine mixed with fresh squeezed lemonade if it’s mild weather, or a deep red blend if it’s chilly.

Aquarius: Adventurous Aquarius may want to sample Alcopop, a ferocious concoction that is generally frowned upon by elders and wildly popular with young folk. This quirky mix of water, sugar, food coloring, juice, and strong alcohol tastes like a tame punch but promises a splitting headache the next morning. This is serious St. Patrick’s Day drinking – not for the faint of heart!

Pisces: Imaginative Pisces may enjoy getting in touch with a simpler time with Irish cider. It is made from fruit, usually apples, and served in pints, like beer. Some of the most popular ciders in Ireland include Bulmer’s and Magners. Because cider can be stronger than beer, a pint can deliver a real kick! Served ice-cold, it is quite refreshing!

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