Bad Kitty! Make Your Pet Behave


On November 10, 2014

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Bad Kitty! Make Your Pet Behave

Is Fido chewing up all your shoes? Is Fluffy leaving her mark all over the house? While you may not know your pets true birth sign, you likely know what sign it behaves like – and now you can make it behave with these tips!

Aries: He or she is an Aries if an energized extravert who loves to play. Without activity, your nervous, stressed pet takes it out on the family, chewing stuff -specially the things you like best. Your pet’s boredom threshold is low. When it comes to training, work within a sensible time range. Overdo the praise for pets with Aries’ incredible ego needs.

Taurus: He or she is a Taurus if an easy-going ‘snuggie-bear’ who can’t get close enough, ever. As far as training, your pet excels at repetitive activity. In light of this, do not change tricks midstream or you’ll confuse the Taurus who lives for predictability. You should never teach your pet what you don’t want it to know. And, your pet loves treats for its tricks.

Gemini: He or she is a Gemini if a yapper, yipper, meower, chirper, and/or tweeter. Even non-talking Gemini pets have to communicate some way. Easily trainable, if you can slow them down long enough, you can start early because your little one thinks trick-learning is a game and actually needs to be stimulated mentally. Your pet loves variety and you can neither talk nor be praised enough.

Cancer: Every time you look, you find your Moon-pet nestled in the coziest, warmest spot in the house, food and water bowls close at ‘paw.’ When it comes to training, because of comfort needs don’t give assignments they might consider scary. Don’t push if you sense they aren’t in the mood. Set training time limits, because energy is easily drained when one tries so hard to please. You’ll break its heart if you keep it secluded as a punishment. (They will find ways to make you feel really guilty about it).

Leo: Your sweetie is a Leo if he or she is an extrovert – an affectionate, warm, dramatic, playful showman. Your Leo pet loves to look good. When it comes to training, catering to Leo-ego, give him or her at least one awesome trick. Don’t be surprised if your pet develops its own way of doing things, which is OK as long as it goes along with what you want. Your domestic ‘lion’ thrives on responsibility, likes to feel needed, loves treats, but love itself is as important as food.

Virgo: He or she is a Virgo if cleanliness is next to godliness, as the saying goes. Your Virgo pet may be obsessive-compulsive. A Virgo is also on the ego-sensitive side. When it comes to training, the tricks should be logical and done to a routine, not impetuously. Be gentle, talk softly, and never forget to praise your pal. Be sincere. I’m sure you’ve noticed that your pet is.

Libra: He or she is a Libra if your ‘baby’ can’t get enough love. Your little family member likes to be helpful, do things, and be praised for them. When it comes to training, initially work together one-to-one as a team, one trick at a time. Your pet gets confused when too many people or choices are involved because they try so hard to please. Routine is important. Libras like ritual and reinforcement.

Scorpio: He or she is a Scorpio if you are often amazed at how well your pet reads your mind. When it comes to training, a Scorpio pet likes it better if they actually feel like they are training you. However, you can start with a small trick to get them used to learning and obeying. They love hide and seek. Don’t push when you sense they aren’t in the mood or they will never do the trick again!

Sagittarius: He or she is a Sagittarius if more adventurous, enthusiastic, and impulsive that average. When it comes to training, Sagittarius is very sociable, so training sessions should be intense and one-on-one or you won’t command their attention. Follow the session with one-on-one play. Though fiery and enthusiastic, be patient with your pet pal. Sagittarius advancement is often slow.

Capricorn: He or she is a Capricorn if they prefer to be in charge of you and the home rather than the other way around. A little bossy, yes, but your ‘baby’ wants to be valuable. When it comes to training, don’t try to hurry. Teach practical things, best introduced one at a time (like having people-goals). Your pet doesn’t want to look silly. Treats for tricks, and ‘pay’ raises are appreciated.

Aquarius: He or she is an Aquarius if your pet adores change, including change in routine (and pets are creatures of habit). Your ‘baby’ is inquisitive, rebellious, open, and trusting. When it comes to training, the attention span is short. You have to maintain alpha dog status or your pet creates its own rules. This is one pet that works well in a group.

Pisces: You have a Pisces if he or she joined your family with chameleon like adaptability. A Pisces is easygoing, and a naturally loving and intuitive – a great humanitarian. When it comes to training, the surroundings and the vibes should be peaceful and pleasant. Your ‘baby’ is ultra sensitive. Sessions should be short. Your pet tries so hard to please, so its energy is easily drained.

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