Is Your Home Haunted?


On November 5, 2014

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Is Your Home Haunted?

Ever feel as if you’re literally haunted by piles of papers, miserable mementos, and garbage galore – or maybe something even more sinister? Learn how to cleanse your home of those crazy cobwebs with tips for each Zodiac Sign.

Aries: Get thee to the closet, post-haste! Goodwill is calling, and they want you to donate those go-go boots from we-won’t-say-what-year and the stonewashed jeans that have been too small for way too many years to stay chic. And about those scarves your mom gave you that make your skin itch? In the donation pile today!

Taurus: Uh, about that green stuff in the back of your refrigerator? Consider yourself officially haunted by the ghosts of lunches past! It’s long past time to get real about all that healthy food you keep buying – and then push to the back of the fridge. When in doubt, toss it out – and put your fresh replacements up front. And about those cookies? They go way, way, way up on the top shelf so it’s not too easy to indulge!

Gemini: Too many memories from the past, in the form of papers, lurk in your filing cabinets? Take a deep breath and set a goal of going through and sorting through one file a day. Keep a recycle bin and a shredder nearby. Before you know it, you’ll have enough space for stuff you actually want to keep!

Cancer: Are there areas in your home that you try to avoid? Perhaps a closet where you stash unused stuff? Make this the time to put on your kick-it-up music and clean, clean, clean! It may sound trite to say “out with the old, in with the new,” but until you toss out all those old mementos, you are preventing yourself from living life fully. One door must close before a new door can open (and your closet door can barely close now!).

Leo: Hey, Lion, it’s time to cleanse that den! You may be the king (or queen) of the Zodiac but when it comes to your home sweet home, remember that you need to take care of that palace rather than party once in awhile. Haul out the vacuum, cast out those ghostly dust bunnies, and you’ll feel worthy of your throne.

Virgo: Head to the bathroom and throw open that medicine chest and cosmetics cabinet. Ghosts from illnesses past… goblins formed of impulse purchases of cosmetics (texturizing pomade or black nail polish, perhaps?) are cluttering up your space. Banish them now with a cleansing ritual, and make sure to safely dispose of those expired medications.

Libra: Glass is the word of the month for you, as in cleaning every mirror and window in your home and environment. You can see clearly once you’ve polished up those mirrors and cleaned your windows. To bring more light in your life, consider hanging a crystal where the Sun will catch it.

Scorpio: Ghosts, goblins, and evil spirits seem to be casting a dark shadow on your life lately? The good news: you have the power to banish them from your life! Buy a new broom and literally sweep them from your home, chanting, “I am free” as you sweep out the past and welcome in the new and positive.

Sagittarius: Is that a vampire in your garage? It’d be hard to tell when there’s so much clutter that there’s no room for a car! Pick up a paper bag, Sag, and get ready to clean out those boxes and rags. Out, out, ye olde Halloween costume from (gulp) seven years ago. Stop saving what you’ll never use and either donate it or toss it today.

Capricorn: You’re ultra-responsible, but that doesn’t have to mean holding onto every scrap of paper and receipt! Go through those files and ruthlessly purge. And yes, that includes that folder dated “Resumes for Jobs That I Applied for in 1995.”

Aquarius: Have you taken a look – a long, thorough look – at your yard lately? Weeds are rambling throughout your garden, and those shrubs and trees are whimpering for water and clipping. Let the Sun be a benediction as you cast out the weeds, both literally and symbolically, from your life.

Pisces: Ugh. Ick. Blech. About those dusty drapes (cough cough) and somber shades (shiver shiver) that cast shadows about your being: be gone! Wash them, dust them, clean them – or perhaps it’s past time to replace them. Let these exterior symbols that keep the ghosts trapped within become a way to cleanse your home of spooky creatures and bring in angel guides.

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