Summer Slim-Down Secrets


On November 5, 2014

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Summer Slim-Down Secrets

If the thought of stripping down to just a swimsuit causes you major anxiety, fear not! We’ve got summer shape-up tips that can help each astrological sign slim down and boost your confidence in this show-some-skin season!

Aries: Remember: slow and steady is a safer, longer-lasting way to reduce your weight. Try keeping a daily, detailed food diary for a week. Then go through and analyze it to see what contains the most “hidden calories.” You can lose weight easily through simple substitutions, such as a regular coffee with nonfat milk and Equal rather than that mocha each morning, or a glass of water with a twist of lemon instead of a super-sized sugary soda or cocktail!

Taurus: Beautifully buff biceps are where it’s at, and you are determined to achieve your dream bare-your-arms bikini vision. Invest in a personal fitness trainer at the gym for a few sessions or pick up a few fitness magazines and DVDs – or even a mobile app – seeking tips for sculpting both your upper body and lower body (remember: balance is always chic!). Tone up and you’ll be smiling with delight all summer long.

Gemini: You’ve been seeking to improve your diet and fitness habits in 2010, Gemini, and the results are already showing. So now you’re thinking “no worries” about the summer bare-it-all beach season! Before you reach for that “I deserve it” ice cream bar, though, don’t let go of your momentum. For extra gold stars on your fitness crown, how about signing up for a new type of exercise class, such as salsa dance?

Cancer: You are not quite sure what the “right” diet is for you, and you’re in somewhat of an exercise rut. The good news: you’ll be experiencing a new surge of energy and enthusiasm for shaping up, and you have the power within to make this your get-sexy year! Go for that deal on a three-month gym membership, combine it with a few healthy diet changes (Mom was right when she said breakfast is the most important meal of the day!), and your body will reflect your diligence.

Leo: “I gotta get fit” has become your mantra, Leo! The challenge for you is that your love for socializing has resulted in so many commitments that finding the time to exercise isn’t easy, and the snack foods and cocktails often come along with your friends’ company. The solution: combine socializing with fitness! Ask a group of friends to start a morning walking group with you. You’ll bond even more and get in your exercise at the same time.

Virgo: Have you been focusing on career and finance and excluding exercise? Summer is on the phone, and she wants to remind you to take time for fun! Yup, it’s bikini (or board shorts!) season. Have you worn yours yet? Consider making some healthy changes to your diet, and you’ll be checking yourself out in every mirror you pass, and others will take notice, too!

Libra: It may feel as if the “M” word (money!) has become your mantra right now. Gym memberships are too expensive, and diet food costs too much. Let go of the excuses and focus on the attainable! Go green by skipping the drive to the gym and that pricey membership. Instead, schedule in 15-minute jogs in the morning, noon, and evening. Breaking up your fitness throughout the day keeps your metabolism revved up! Eat seasonal fruits and veggies, track your daily caloric intake, and before you know it you’re heading for the sales on beachwear!

Scorpio: You know what you want, and it’s all about your diet right now. You love those carbs (bring on the bread, baby!), but in order to slim down this summer, remember the power of protein. We’re not talking nothing but bacon and eggs, of course. Just remember to slip some lean chicken or turkey – and veggies – in between those bread slices (and make that bread whole grain with extra fiber!).

Sagittarius: Your kind desire to please others is great, but when you neglect yourself, it’s not so fabulous! You may find yourself being asked by a friend to do a “buddy system” diet plan that is just not what you need. Or, a family member wants you to sign up for an exercise class that doesn’t appeal to you. As a smart Sagittarius, you know yourself and what you need and want. You’ll look celebrity-sleek on the beach by relying on a diet and fitness program that attracts you – put yourself first for a positive change!

Capricorn: Diligence is your middle name, so you know how to prioritize and focus on the task at hand. Too many hours at the office working at the computer make you an ideal candidate for pilates or yoga classes. You’ll stretch your body, tone your abs, and strengthen your core, leaving you less vulnerable to back problems. Combine those classes with an occasional spinning class for cardio, and you’ll fall in love with bikini season!

Aquarius: You want to make 2010 the year that you eat right and lose a few excess pounds. You face a challenge from friends, though, who don’t want to lose their foodie buddy. Keep your motivation strong by researching restaurants ahead of time. That way, you can propose that you eat where you know you can find food that’s on your new diet plan. In addition, suggest calorie-burning related activities where you can join them without temptations!

Pisces: You’re fascinated by all these “virtual gyms” promising you easy workouts at the click of a button. The positive aspect of your desire to use those techno-tools: workouts available online often are free! The not-so-great aspect: you may spend so much time seeking out the perfect online workout that you never actually move! Ask about reasonably priced 30-day trial memberships at a local gym. That way, you can start shaping up while you investigate the online options for the future.

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