Summer Beauty Tips


On November 5, 2014

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Summer Beauty Tips

What’s hot (and what’s not) this summer for your astrological sign? Here’s the fashion and beauty scoop to help you sizzle on the beach, out on the town, and just lounging in the Sun.

Aries: Make “less is more” your mantra in choosing your summer wardrobe. You just love those long, dangly earrings, summer cover-ups, and bamboo bangles. But overdoing it with fashionable accessories can cause you to look unfashionably overdressed in summer, when the living is easygoing. Solution: Get dressed up, and then dress down by removing one or two accessories, such as those earrings.

Taurus: Sunshine makes you sparkle, and you want to linger in those golden rays. The health and beauty challenge: the Sun can damage your body, from your skin to your eyes. Take the time to find, and then use, the right type of sun protection to protect your skin. Enjoy selecting beautiful sunglasses that feature full protection for your gorgeous eyes. That way, you can enjoy summer’s warmth without regrets later in life.

Gemini: That dry winter skin is parched for moisturizer, Gemini! It’s time to head to the cosmetics counter and invest in a good moisturizer for your beautiful body. While you’re at it, look for makeup that includes sun protection. A firming, self-tanning lotion might be a good choice. And don’t forget the lip gloss to keep your lips moist as well. Now bring on the sunshine!

Cancer: Summer fashion trends challenge you in new ways this year! You may find yourself happily surprised at how fabulous you look in colors and designs you never would have considered before. Be bold, be brave. Try on some new fashions unlike anything in your current wardrobe to discover a summer-stylin’ new you!

Leo: You’re ready to be the “mane” attraction with your streaked-by-the-Sun crowning glory (hey, they call you the King of the Jungle for a reason – and this is your season!). The key question for Leo: should you have your hair chic and short, or go with the longer-and-I-love-it look? What’s in for Summer? A happy medium when it comes to hair length. Get to your hair stylist before summer gets too far underway!

Virgo: You’ll enjoy the summer months more if you add “Shop for new lightweight clothes” to your long to-do list! Go for it – invest in something fun and, yes, even frivolous for the sunny months. How about a gorgeous cotton blouse in shades of sea blue and green? Treat yourself – you’ve earned it with all your hard work over the past year.

Libra: Lovely Libra, focus on your eyes (the mirror of the soul!) when it comes to your summer beauty plan. Frame your eyes with mascara, flatter them with sea-inspired shades like blue or green eye shadow, and you’ll feel like the belle of the beach! Tip: try a new shade of coral or light pink lip gloss this summer (ruby red is also in!).

Scorpio: Less is more, Scorpio, unless it’s Sun protection! You tend to overdo it with too much exposure (and not enough sun protection lotion). Reverse that trend this summer by taking time to shop for and use a good sunscreen and cute hat. A fashion trend that fits nicely into this theme: long-sleeved, lightweight beach cover-ups (look for a lacy white shirt to wear over your tangerine bikini!).

Sagittarius: About those baggy shorts: Richard Simmons wants them back! In other words, sweet Sag: you look great when you dress to flatter your body type. Your wardrobe may need to get in better shape. Clean out your closet and then head to the mall to browse through the latest and greatest summer fashion. While you’re at it, clean out your bathroom shelves and buy new makeup that will highlight your gorgeous features.

Capricorn: Do not despair, do a beauty repair! We’re talking about those dark circles under your eyes from too much work and not enough play. You’re always in savings mode, but take care of yourself by spending a few extra dollars for some hypoallergenic beauty products and maybe one of those new eye de-puffers. The results will be worth it – just in time to have you showing off at that mid-July beach party.

Aquarius: Oops, you did it again! You let your friend talk you into buy into a summer trend that you just don’t feel is suited to you. Get back into the fashion swim by returning the item to the store and getting something you like. Use the money or store credit to treat yourself to a gorgeous new sundress, capris, or a saucy bikini!

Pisces: Tempted to skip the suntan lotion and go “bare-faced” to the beach? Think twice – and then think again! From the beauty aspect (imagine yourself with wrinkled, leathery skin in ten years) to the health facet (skin cancer is a real danger), it’s just not worth it. Instead, invest in a fashionable hat and a sunscreen with at least SPF 15. That sensitive skin needs it!

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