Fall Style Tips

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On October 31, 2014

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Fall Style Tips

As September struts her colorful, cool stuff, it’s time for you to show off your personal style! Take a tip from the stars to play up your best features.

Aries: Warm up your inner beauty with outerwear that’s as colorful as the fall leaves. A cheerful, cherry-colored muffler or scarf and cream-colored coat are the perfect choices to keep you upbeat and ready to go in the coldest of fall winds!

Taurus: You’re enjoying the changes that autumn brings, and you’re out and about with renewed energy. Reduce the potential for problems such as dry skin and chapped lips by putting on a good quality of sun protection lotion and moisturizing lip gloss before you head outdoors.

Gemini: With your eyes on your budget, you’re trying to watch your bottom line. Achieve both by keeping it simple. A subtle shade of mascara and matching eyeliner will help your beautiful eyes radiate. Tights or leggings let you keep you body’s bottom line as well as your budget in perfect shape!

Cancer: Revitalize your wardrobe with sea green and sky blue. You’ll look as great as you feel if you take the time to apply a subtle eye shadow to complement your new clothes. And don’t forget the all-essential mascara to enhance your ever-perceptive, watchful gaze.

Leo: Flamboyant fashions are calling your name this season. Just remember: less is more. In other words, go for some glittery glamour in your accessories, but keep it simple with your major pieces. A beige coat, for example, makes the perfect subtle background for a glittering jewel.

Virgo: Victory in the chic category belongs to Virgo this autumn! Decked out in immaculate clothes, with your hair styled perfectly, you look ooh-la-la exquisite! Just remember: beauty comes from the inside, so eat right, too, and help others be happy to be truly beautiful!

Libra: Don’t worry, be happy with some radical changes to your beauty style. Toss out that beige eye shadow and bland lip color. Then battle the autumn blahs with some bright and sassy blue eyeliner and rosy red lip gloss to show off your pretty appearance.

Scorpio: Let go of that hairstyle you’ve had since (gulp) grade school days! Get a recommendation for a new hairstylist from someone whose tresses you admire. And ask for something different – bangs if you have always swept your hair back, or perhaps waves if you’ve gone straight way too long. Dare to be different!

Sagittarius: It’s your time to shine, Sag. Get ready to party all night with the greatest of glamorous accessories. We’re talking a glittering headband, perhaps a bangle or two, and a sparkling sash to top off those new black slacks. Only one big-statement piece at a time, though!

Capricorn: You’ll be looking your best in rich pumpkin and earthy green shades. Not everyone can wear these colors well, but they bring out your gorgeous rosy cheeks and heighten the highlights in your hair. Keep your clothes simple, with just one striking accessory per outfit.

Aquarius: No more new clothes for you, Aquarius, at least not this autumn! Look your best by focusing on improving your beauty selections. It’s time to get ruthless about that beauty cabinet: toss out the ancient mascara, the pink lipstick you never wear, and that bronzer. Try a fresh new makeup look, and you’ll shine all season long.

Pisces: You’ll be swimming serenely when you go with the fashion flow. Translation: halt the desire to buy based on impulse rather than need. Go through your wardrobe and see what you really can use: a new blouse? A pants suit? Or perhaps one stunning pin or scarf to turn that blah beige blazer into a sit-up-and-get-noticed design success!

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