Celebrity Style Tips

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On October 17, 2014

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Celebrity Style Tips

Oh, how we love to admire the looks stylist stars can pull off! If you’re debating what to buy to brighten up your style this season, why not follow by their example? Here, discover what’s trendy with celebrities who share your sign:

Reese Witherspoon may look great in her bubbly, bright looks, but that doesn’t mean you’re restricted to blonde highlights or pink power suits! Playful can be perfect for weekends and leisure – so go ahead and treat yourself to an adorable skirt or embellished top. Just make sure to avoid impulse buys, or you’ll end up with a closet stuffed with where-will-I-wear-this choices.

Jessica Alba rocks it in her slim styles, and Christina Hendricks shows off her gorgeous curves. But have you ever noticed that sometimes Taurus celebs look sort of, well, tortured? Here’s why: their sleek shoes sometimes pinch and their accessories can feel binding! So if you’re feeling bullish on boots, for example, make sure they’re comfortable as well as cute.

You share your sign with famous models such as Brooke Shields and Naomi Campbell. When it comes to style, take your fashion cue from them: elegant and sleek should become your style mantra. Look for classic, sophisticated styles, such as that indispensable black dress paired with striking red pumps.

Jessica Simpson has gone through weighty ups and downs, but she always looks sizzling in her sexy styles! You can get her chic, feminine style by opting for comfort combined with class. Yes, it can take longer to find that combination – but it’s worth it!

Both Jennifer Lopez and Sandra Bullock are Leos, and their style sensibilities couldn’t be more different! J Lo goes for the ultimate in drama, opting for bare back black sheaths, while Sandra prefers classy simplicity. What they share: the ability to recognize that less is more. Look for attire that fits perfectly, seeking out dramatic color choices.

LeAnn Rimes and Shania Twain join you in celebrating sweet yet sexy country style. Bring on the kick-up-your-heels, down-home flavor! You can show off your curves in narrow-waisted, bell-shaped skirts with flare and skinny jeans with flowy tops. If you’re looking for a color theme, seek out sky blue and pale greens – in soft fabrics.

Alicia Silverstone and Gwen Stefani are fashion-worthy role models for you because of their ability to select attire and hairstyles that bring out their best features. Whether it’s your sparkling eyes or wonderful waistline, choose fashion and beauty looks that flatter your unique traits.

Julia Roberts epitomizes the fabulously attractive yet relaxed fashion style of your sign. Focus on upbeat colors and pure shades (for example, a perfect red or royal blue) to spark your inner energy. And when it comes to choosing hairstyles, remember: less is more! Keep it simple (you may want to opt for a simple twist for a chic up ‘do).

Bold and bodacious singer/dancers Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera share your sign, and you know what that means: you like the mega trends. However, don’t buy on impulse or get something just because it’s on sale – or something that would look great on your shopping buddy but maybe not you so much. Choose carefully and try it on before you buy.

Who can turn the world on with her smile? Creative Capricorns like Mary Tyler Moore and Kate Bosworth, of course! Their tailored style and impeccable tidy appearance will suit you perfectly. A fitted pants suit never goes out of style – or a matching skirt and blazer will do the trick. Skip the oversized accessories, and seek out classy signature pieces instead.

Oprah Winfrey and Alicia Keys embody classic Aquarians with their distinguished style choices. Be as fashionably chic as them by seeking out the most striking accessories. Whether it’s a beautiful brooch or an ornate beaded necklace, invest in a single piece of jewelry this season that you’ll cherish forever.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Drew Barrymore have become skilled at seeking out cute clothes that flatter their pretty faces and figures. You can enjoy this skill by analyzing your figure carefully. Are you a pear shape? Have a boyish figure? Look for options that skim your curves and flow like a fish in water!

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