Be a Witch at Work


On October 28, 2014

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Be a Witch at Work

Do you ever wish that you had more control over your work situations? Ever feel that you need and want an extra boost up the career ladder? Discover the potential in the wonders of witchcraft for your future job pursuits! Try these techniques to advance the progress toward your goals.

Spell of the Full Moon

You must wait until the Moon is full, those magical times of the year. Use your intuitive powers to sense the full charm of the moon in its brightest glory. Then, on that special night, chant:

“Lady of luck, come out of your hidden course. Bless your light upon me as the light of the moon shines above. And in the light of luck will be blessed I, when the Moon is next to be full.”

For the fullest career benefits, do not reveal to anyone that you have tried this spell. But within your deepest self, remember the spell that you cast, and track the passing of the Moon through the weeks until the “Moon is next to be full.”

When that time comes, dress in your most powerful career attire and if you’re currently employed, stride with confidence into the office. Focus on what you want to achieve in that job. Are you seeking a promotion? A bonus? A great assignment to kick-start your career? Dreams can come true.

If you’re seeking a new job, muster up your faith and belief in yourself. You can feel new self-confidence on the night that the Moon becomes full, and discover that within you lies the ability to become whatever your heart desires. Dream it, believe it, and make it a reality.

Cook Up Some Luck

The power of food has been celebrated for ages. And we observe it today in the simplest yet most charming of rituals: a birthday cake adorned with candles, which must be ceremoniously blown out with cries of “Make a wish!” before the cake can be eaten.

Cakes at gatherings from retirement lunches at the office to baby showers are adorned with meaningful phrases, such as “Happy Retirement,” “Best of Luck,” and “Wishing You a Healthy, Beautiful Baby!”

Observe that tradition by baking up a cake and inscribing on it your own career desires, whether it be for a promotion, a new job, or a raise. You may divide up your cake and give the slices without the words on them to others, but you must eat each piece that contains your wish for your career by yourself, focusing on your desires.

Work hard, wish hard, and blessed be your career!

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