Think money, make money


On October 28, 2014

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Think money, make money

Your thoughts have power. You are as you think, and you attract what you put out. That is why spiritual pundits have been telling us for millenniums to think positively. If you think happy thoughts, you will attract happiness. If you think sad thoughts, you will attract sadness; and, so it is with prosperity. If you think prosperous thoughts, you will attract money.

Feel Worthy

While this may sound like a simple formula, it is not easy to put into practice. Many people tend to unconsciously think negative thoughts – especially about themselves and their self-worth. Hence, if you want to attract money, the first step is to feel worthy of having it. Believe that you really deserve to be wealthy.

Make Goals

Next, map out your financial goals. Start by assuring yourself that you will always have everything you need. Then build on that. Do you want to buy a house? Do you want to pay off credit cards? Do you want to earn more money at work? Perhaps you want to start your own business. Write your goals down. This will help you to focus.

Make a Connection

Once you have set your goals, you must follow another step that is the real key to having success with prosperity thinking. Your thoughts must penetrate the subconscious mind and become realities in the world of thought – that is the astral world. You must connect with the astral level, plant your thoughts of prosperity, and energize your thoughts with feeling and emotion. It is the feeling of prosperity and the accompanying emotion that enhances the effectiveness of money-thinking.

Try this exercise to generate the feeling and emotion of being wealthy. Ask yourself how you would feel if you had just won a big jackpot in the lottery. You’d probably glow with happiness and feel comfortable knowing you are financially secure for life. Imagine how you would feel if you were offered a job that paid six, or even seven, figures a year. Indeed, you would feel good!

Continue by imagining what you would do with the money, and feel as if you have already received it. In other words, believe that you are already in possession of riches and have already received abundance from the Universe. Maintain that feeling throughout the day. Now you are preparing yourself for attracting the prosperity you deserve. Access to the unconscious is easiest when the mind is calm. Relax by leaning back on a pillow. Breathe slowly and quietly meditate.

Remember, as soon as your desires become realities in the astral world, they will materialize in your life. Here is a secret to speed up results: the ideal time to practice prosperity visualization is when you are in the hypnagogic state – an altered state of consciousness. This is the borderline between waking consciousness and sleep. Right before falling asleep or before waking up, you are at the threshold of the subconscious – the astral world, where thought exits, and the mind is very receptive to suggestions. While in the hypnagogic state, project your thoughts of affluence, feel and visualize prosperity, and remind yourself of your financial goals.

You can even add money affirmations such as, “I easily attract money,” “I am blessed with prosperity,” and “money pours into my life.” Or, maybe let a famous old song ring in your ears, “[I’m] in the money…” Remember – feel wealth and good fortune, and the security and comfort it brings.

Prosperity can manifest in many different ways, so be open to receiving the infinite riches of the Universe. Follow your hunches. Let your intuition guide you. And, get ready to run into millions!

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